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It's Time To Humanize Our Job Descriptions

Let's reconsider that title for a minute... because it's also time to stop calling them Job Descriptions. Job Posting or perhaps Job Advertisement feels more applicable these days. There's little[…]


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Watching The Evolution of Recruitment Marketing

I distinctly remember when I first heard the term Recruitment Marketing used. My thought at the time was “wait… you mean employers haven’t already been doing this?!?” As a business-to-business[…]


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CareerXroads "Uncorked" with Susan Hensley

We're excited to kick off the new CareerXroads podcast series: "Uncorked" where over a glass (or bottle) of premium wine or spirits we'll talk with recruiting leaders and influencers about what's[…]


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Building your employment brand foundation

Employment branding can feel like such a new field. The people tasked with branding in talent acquisition often have to explain themselves and their value to others in their company. They might[…]

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Eyes Wide Open: Transparency contributes to brand value

Every firm has its good and bad press- their day in the barrel as it were but, it is what they do while there that counts for their long-term attraction as an employer of choice. For quality[…]

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The Definitive Guide to Employment Branding

For a long time I thought I'd been a "RecruiterGuy" long before I became a branding guy.  What I found over the years however, is that without realizing it I had always been both.  From the time that[…]

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CXR eXtra: An Employment Brand Manager's Delight

Struggling with how to differentiate your Employer Branding?  Struggle no more - this Generic Solution is at hand and should tuck away nicely in to any Brand Manager's toolbox! This Is a Generic[…]

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What's The Matter with Owen?

If you haven't seen the series of commercials highlighting "Owen." GE's newest programmer, you are missing an entertaining and innovative approach linking GE product and employment branding. This[…]

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