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It's Time To Humanize Our Job Descriptions

Let's reconsider that title for a minute... because it's also time to stop calling them Job Descriptions. Job Posting or perhaps Job Advertisement feels more applicable these days. There's little[…]


recruitment marketing/ employment branding

Watching The Evolution of Recruitment Marketing

I distinctly remember when I first heard the term Recruitment Marketing used. My thought at the time was “wait… you mean employers haven’t already been doing this?!?” As a business-to-business[…]


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Building your employment brand foundation

Employment branding can feel like such a new field. The people tasked with branding in talent acquisition often have to explain themselves and their value to others in their company. They might[…]

Candidate Experience/ recruitment marketing/ employment branding/ dice/ employer value proposition/ Branding & Marketing

The Definitive Guide to Employment Branding

For a long time I thought I'd been a "RecruiterGuy" long before I became a branding guy.  What I found over the years however, is that without realizing it I had always been both.  From the time that[…]

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