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A 2020 Perspective on Equality - Gender, Pay or otherwise

How employers treat age, ethnicity, geography, race, gender equality and other candidate characteristics has always been a hot topic and it may be due for a big change in 2020. Are you prepared?[…]


Talent Acquisition/ Salary Question

If compensation were transparent

Why don't we advertise salary information? Every time this question comes up, it makes people shiver. We've voices inside our heads that tell us this is a seriously bad idea. I keep asking myself,[…]


Talent Acquisition/ pay equity/ Diversity/ Operations/ Salary Question

Pay Equity: Beyond Compliance, the Salary Question

  Pay Equity is a challenge that is not going to go away this year. Pressure to find a pay equity strategy will likely heat up in the US and we bet that it will move globally AND beyond ‘gender’[…]

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