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How to evaluate what you offer candidates with disabilities

Image Credit:TeroVesalainen / Pixabay A CareerXroads Colloquium Mind Map Exercise At our recent Recruiting Automation and Innovation Meeting, we conducted a Design Thinking Exercise to explore how[…]


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Are you offering what your target candidates are seeking?

Image Credit:15299 / Pixabay Listen to the full podcast of this headline here.

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Can't Wait for 2050? Act Now.

This article highlighting Japan’s aging demographics and how they are expanding their notion of an aging workforce is one of a series the Wall Street Journal is publishing in its exploration of the[…]

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Going Global: EMEA CandEs (Candidate Experience Awards)

London, December 1. The TalentBoard celebrated 37 EMEA employers who won the Candidate Experience Awards. Kudos to Leigh Carpenter, the TalentBoard’s EMEA Director, and his volunteer council-[…]


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Secret to Success of the World's Greatest Professional Firms: Recruiting

Or, at least one of Seven Secrets of Success as this 2013 book by Charles Ellis promises to share. McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Capital Group, Mayo Clinic and Cravath, Swain & Moore are the firms[…]


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Hiring Manager Halo: Stats & Their Meaning

According to a CareerBuilder survey of 2,148 hiring managers, 1 in 4 were more likely to hire someone from a ‘prestigious’ school and 1 in 5 were more likely to hire from their alma mater… all[…]

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Salary Surveys for Quants, by Quants

Jeremy Shapiro, Exec. Director and Global Head of Talent Analytics at JP Morgan, moderates a LinkedIn group for quants, Measuring Human Capital. His latest post and link to the 2015 Data Science[…]

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Candidate's are NOT Customers... not Yet. (and 19 more articles)

We’re normally not fans of lists curated by any one person and especially if that person’s role is to market a Talent Acquisition startup. However, in this case Ben Slater, a UK Startup CMO[…]

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Designing Corporate Career Sites that Address Candidate Experience

tkoch / Pixabay It's the Customer's Context not the Employer's Content that Makes the Difference After examining the website staffing pages for each company on Fortune magazine's 500 "list", we[…]

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