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A Third Wave of Disruption Challenges How TA “Thinks”

In this CXR Podcast episode, we took a moment after a colloquium meeting to sit with Jen Jenkins, global candidate experience lead at Scotiabank.  Jen is responsible for the candidate experience[…]


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Predicting Near Term Occupational Growth...and More

Citing three 'drivers": Lifestyle Changes, Technology Advancement and Globalization, CareeBuilder's analytics arm, EMSI, published an interesting and easily consumable report over the Labor Day[…]


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Recommended Event- Strategic Talent Leadership: The Real Deal in Three Days

Mark Hueslid, Northeastern’s Distinguished Professor and Director, Center for Workforce Analytics is joining with Dick Beatty, his cohort and co-author of The HR Scorecard; The Workforce Scorecard[…]

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Designer Org Structures? Focus on Individuals.

On Monday, Peter Cappelli's newest HRExec column, IBM and the Great Divide in HR, stopped me in my tracks and I've been mulling it over ever since. Apparently Peter was smitten at a recent Wharton[…]


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TA Leaders are Being Tasked to Examine Their Org Structure

Several of our CXR Colloquium ( members are in the midst of considering alternative org structures and are seeking feedback from peers. I was surprised by the sudden exploding[…]

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Tracking Source of Hire Is A Train Wreck

For some time now I've been challenging the idea that tracking sources related to quality of hire is something that our industry should continue to heavily invest in.  While it's certainly something[…]

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