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Talent Acquisition Learnings from Ireland

Talent Acquisition Learnings from Ireland

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For the second year in a row, CXR was asked to bring a select group of HR and Recruiting professionals to Dublin, Ireland to meet with various talent acquisition peers and industry tech start-ups. "It was an excellent opportunity for these leaders to meet with a variety of different TA resources emerging in Ireland to see how they might be of benefit," notes Gerry Crispin. "It's also a fun way to explore Dublin and learn about some of the resources that could be helpful to their companies."

Just weeks after returning from their trip, the HR delegation regroups to discuss what they experienced, who they met, and how they’re using what they learned on the trip now that they’re back in their respective organizations and looking at challenges going forward.

Wondering what happens when you take a group of Talent Acquisition Leaders to Dublin for a few days? Then this is the podcast for you! 

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