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TalentRocket: Agents with Super Powers

TalentRocket: Agents with Super Powers

Image by InspiredImages from Pixabay

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TalentRocket is a UK Job Board with a bit of a twist. Lots of startups are featured in their news feed. Oddly the newsfeed author spends no time at all describing the ‘work’ of the featured employer and instead focuses on their location, coolness of the office space, amenities employees can take advantage of and any other unusual benefits. Millennials writing to themselves.

What is worth noting however is TalentRocket’s Agent ‘set up’. Read between the fine lines as well as the choices. If only every ATS could deliver the same…accurately. When we do our ‘mystery shopping’ exercise every year, our mystery shopper receives several (often as many as a dozen) additional ‘suggested’ jobs that he/she should apply to from nearly every firm with an ‘agent’ built into the ATS or CRM. The problem is that most of these openings have nothing to do with the position the person originally applied to and, worse, often have nothing to do with their skills, knowledge and experience. Applying to them would just give an employer the impression that the candidate didn’t know what they wanted and was just desperate for a job. Have many examples of candidates overlooked because they applied to too many diverse positions?
When did you last test the quality of your ‘Agent’?

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