Targeted employment marketing to female candidates

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As companies become more sophisticated in their content marketing techniques, savvy employment marketers are taking note. Targeted employment marketing is key to reaching not just desirable candidates but the right candidates for specific openings. At the 2018 CareerXroads Colloquium Employment Branding & Marketing meeting, we challenged the experts in the room to consider how they are presenting themselves to a specific subset of candidates while also considering how those candidates are viewing them as a potential employer.

Based on a study published by Universum, this design-thinking exercise starts with attendees considering their offerings in four key segments: corporate reputation, people & culture, job characteristics, and rewards. The twist comes when they are given a specific persona and asked to reevaluate. To complete the exercise, groups are asked to both identify the gaps between the two phases and determine how marketing can close that gap.

Targeted employment marketing to female candidates

The personas for the 2018 CareerXroads Colloquium Employment Branding & Marketing Meeting were purposely designed to be females in different roles and stages of their careers.

sample personas for employment branding

The exercise generated a lot of discussion among CareerXroads members. Certainly around the gaps uncovered in each specific example, but also the overall feeling that employers have to stop thinking they can be everything to everyone. The most successful targeted employment marketing identifies key candidate personas and focuses on those - not everyone.

[Are you offering what your target candidates are seeking?]

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