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The Consumer Candidate (Recruiting Chat With Chris Hoyt & Jess Von Bank)

The Consumer Candidate (Recruiting Chat With Chris Hoyt & Jess Von Bank)

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We frequently get asked to be guest speakers on radio shows, podcasts and webinars but find it such a challenge to carve time out of our schedules that it just doesn't happen as often as we'd like.  (We're going to work on that, by the way - stay tuned.)  That's why I'm excited when I get to share any open and unscripted dialogue with industry friends and colleagues - especially people like Jess Von Bank. Even more so when it's a topic that we're passionate about, like candidate experience and the "consumer candidate" or our new favorite, recruiting automation.

An open chat about Candidate Experience

Last week I joined Jess for a 30-minute call where we openly discussed topics ranging from the candidate experience to embracing bots and innovation in recruiting to some of the little things that can make all the difference in our branding and marketing to talent.  I'd encourage our readers to head over to the Road to HR Tech blog to get her in-depth write-up on the chat as well as check out some of the other great conversations being shared.  The series is sponsored by Symphony Talent but you won't find any product or sponsorship plugs, just good conversations with the likes of Chloé Rada of Sodexo, Craig Fisher of CA Technologies and Will Staney of Proactive Talent Strategies.

Listen here.

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