The Definitive Guide to Employment Branding

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For a long time I thought I'd been a "RecruiterGuy" long before I became a branding guy.  What I found over the years however, is that without realizing it I had always been both.  From the time that I fell in to recruiting over 20 years ago until the very last requisition that I ever closed - I, like thousands of other recruiting professionals (whether they'd admit it or not), was a story teller who had been crafting messages aimed at convincing people/candidates/customers to change their lives.

In the early years when I was explaining to candidates what it was like to work for a particular employer, I was promoting things like fast-track career paths, premier parking and sign-on bonuses.  The term "cultural fit" and online resources for candidates (or any online resources, to be honest) like today's Indeed Company Forums or just weren't a large reality yet.  So people/candidates/customers that wanted to know more about an employer were reliant primarily on recruiters and any referrals they could get their hands on.

Over time, and with the emergence of online communities, social networks and various resources, people became able to quickly and easily share opinions on everything ranging from toasters to potential or previous employers.  And that, in my humble opinion, is when terms like Employment Branding and Employer Value Proposition began to go mainstream.  So it should be no surprise that for the last ~10 years many employers have been struggling to understand employer branding, define and/or manage their brand and effectively communicate and market their brand as employers.

Managing the message and marketing ourselves as employers of choice (ref: top of mind employer) isn't easy work.  It consists of touch-points throughout the process and can include everything from making simple adjustments to how we communicate all the way to developing and managing full-scale media blitzes.  That's why when resources like John Sumser's "The Definitive Guide To Employment Branding" are shared, I like to pass them along for consideration.


The Definitive Guide To Employment Branding

Add this 23 page review to your next team meeting as food for thought.  Regardless of where recruiters are in their career or what they believe their responsibilities to be (or not to be,) within John's guide they should be able to find some helpful insights and open commentary from Gerry Crispin, myself and several recognizable industry names.  At the least, it's a great refresher for some and could contribute to any planned or ongoing employer brand work within your organization.

Disclaimer: CareerXroads does not accept compensation for participating in 3rd party publications and declines paying advisory board seats in the interest of remaining neutral and completely objective within the recruiting and HR industry.

To our members that are already having powerful conversations around employer branding, "Keep Talking!"  We're confident that this will be a consistent sub-topic at many of our upcoming meetings this year.  How recruiters, sourcers and hiring managers are held responsible for the various aspects of your employment marketing and candidate experience continues to be a hot topic that we look forward to helping facilitate throughout the year.

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