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Onboarding: The Last Critical Component of Talent Acquisition

Onboarding: The Last Critical Component of Talent Acquisition

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Onboarding as well as pre-boarding (yes, that's a very real thing) activities are increasingly considered responsibilities that should sit squarely within the world of Talent Acquisition.  What was once something either handed off to the hiring department or ignored entirely has become a rapidly emerging discipline.

Shared just last month, this Recruiting Trends article by Andrew R. McIlvaine about KPMG's (a CareerXroads member company) onboarding practice is a worthwhile read. Coincidentally, last month, another cXr member Comcast, hosted a candidate experience workshop for TalentBoard and offered detailed pre and post results (raising NPS scores from 12 to the mid-50s) based on their recent major effort to revitalize onboarding and reduce significant and early turnover.

CareerXroads members can look forward to in-depth discussions about these practices and more at CXR's Operations Colloquium later this summer.

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