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The Tech Gender Divide Needs More Champions Like 'Girls Who Code'

The Tech Gender Divide Needs More Champions Like 'Girls Who Code'

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66One of my cousin's daughters had to choose between scholarship to the Stern School of Business for Math and the Julliard School for Cello. She chose Stern. Today she manages a team of Techies for a large bank- building incredibly complex financial algorithms. She might have been playing beautiful music in an orchestra. Her choice. Life's path however may look like a series of choices but sometimes its so favored toward one direction or another by opportunity that the choice is an illusion. My cousin's kid was fortunate to have a such a full plate. There aren't many in this particular Band of Sisters.

Writing for SHRM on the need to fill the Gender Gap in Technology, Kathy Gurchiek, notes "the number of computer science graduates who are women has dropped from 37 percent in 1984 to 18 percent in 2016, according to the center."

Enter Girls Who Code.

Kathy's article details the history of Girls Who Code, founded in 2012 by Reshma Saujani who sheppard-ed the organization from 20 girls to 40,000 today. (Reshma's bio by the way is extraordinary.)

Reading the SHRM article a second time, my only surprise is that 60 firms have committed to hiring their graduates. There should be 600. (Kudos however to all those who have stepped up. )

We need more.



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