The Value of Sharing Within a Community

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It is often said that recruiting is a numbers game. That talent acquisition is quantity over quality. In a way, it used to make sense. The more people we interact with, the more likely we will become successful. It’s hard to ignore this idiom. Only a decade ago, did the number of social media followers you’ve garnered earn you enough clout to be labeled an “influencer.”

Numbers also look fantastic on a dashboard. The higher our numbers, the more productive we must be. But we know that isn’t always the case. As we grow, both in life and in our profession, we recognize the importance of surrounding ourselves with authentic and genuine people. Our need for acceptance is no longer a follow or a like. It’s intertwined with people we love, respect, and admire. We desire to surround ourselves with people who challenge us, lift us up, and provide us with valuable information to make better decisions. What we are desiring is a community.

Communities allow you to find your people and your tribe. Successful communities aren’t built around similar people but structured around similar principles. Immersing yourself into a community exposes you to different thoughts, skills, and philosophies from other people. Most of us thrive within communities that value knowledge, the sharing of information, and above all, helping others. (The type of community that exists within CareerXroads.)

Sharing is the foundation of a good community

Once you fully embrace the concept of community, your stock will begin to rise. In joining a community, you become part of something greater and more important than yourself. When you feel connected to something superior to yourself, you are motivated by the very highest level of achievement. When this happens, the best way to flourish is to share.

Sharing is the foundation of a good community. Sharing knowledge helps us grow. It helps us generate new ideas and motivates us to change. Sharing information engages everyone in a community in a crusade of acquiring knowledge. In short, sharing inspires us and the people around us to become better at what we do. Everyone has something to share and something to contribute. Even if we feel intimidated, we are all doing something special and unique. Whether it be minuscule or a game-changer, sharing knowledge is a catalyst for change, fresh concepts, and thought-provoking discussions. We all have wisdom to bring to the table. The more we embrace this, the more successful we all become.

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Communities also help establish our sense of purpose. When we see that the knowledge we share makes a difference, we understand the value that each member embodies in a thriving community. Knowledge is power and knowledge is advantageous to everybody.

We all have a lot to learn and there’s no better place to do that than within our flourishing CXR Talent Community.

We’d like all our current and former members to join us in our Alumni Exchange to continue this conversation around community. What are your thoughts on community engagement? What have you learned from being a member of our community? Come help our community continue to thrive.

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