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Up neXt: Gerry Talks with Melissa Thompson @ McGraw-Hill Education

Up neXt: Gerry Talks with Melissa Thompson @ McGraw-Hill Education

Image by ColiN00B from Pixabay

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Our podcast series, Up neXt, puts a face on our newest members and welcomes TA Leaders joining the CareerXroads' community - a tradition we hope to build on by highlighting the role and commitment of professionals who make a difference. In this episode, Melissa Thompson helps us understand what attracted her recently to take on the TA Leader role at McGraw-Hill Education after consulting with them in 2017.

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In Melissa's case, it was the opportunity to have a blank slate and, with eyes wide open,  build a new team and strategy from scratch (TA had been outsourced a few years ago). Her focus for 2018 is based on 4 'pillars':

Setting a Foundation

Understanding Talent Attraction

Building out Critical Pipelines

Establishing an Operational Focus.

She seems to handle what keeps her up at night by reminding herself and her team that "you can only eat an elephant in small bites."

Outside of work, one of the ways Melissa gives back is through her passion for the Queen's Foundation that helps disadvantaged young women make it to college.

Welcome, Melissa & McGraw-Hill Education.

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