VIDEO: Adventures in Extreme Hiring Panel

Image by WebDonut from Pixabay

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In June I was asked to moderate a panel at the 2018 Recruiting Automation Summit in San Francisco, CA.  We assembled an awesome collection of Talent Acquisition leaders that included Ray Tavares (SVP, Talent Acquisition at Bank of America), Frank Speer (Global Director Solution Design, IBM), Kristen DesPalmes (Director of Employment Strategy, DaVita), and (Andrew Trout (Managing Director, Human Capital Management at Goldman Sachs).  The topic of our panel was "Adventures in Extreme Hiring" and was a very fast 30 minutes.

The Entelo team was kind enough to allow us to share that panel on our website and on our CXR podcast for those that could not make the event in person as well as a link to all of the presentations from the event.  And so we've done that, here.

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It may not be an Olympic sport yet, but the hiring demands at the world’s fastest-growing companies highlight the feats of endurance, perseverance, and determination that Talent Acquisition leaders at these companies demonstrate. Hear how leaders in the most radical hiring circumstances have successfully scaled their teams and technology to hire hundreds, or even thousands, of people while making it look easy.

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