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Wounded Warrior Project: #FixItOrWeWill

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5Seldom, fortunately very seldom, there is an actionable moment where we need to step up and cut our losses or defend someone unfairly charged. This is one of them. The Wounded Warrior Project, for all its good work over the years, is facing serious charges of abuse and, either fielding those charges poorly, or delaying the inevitable until the guilty parties find an escape route. This New York Times Article is one of dozens of publishers weighing in (I saw a national TV news feature last night). The charges appear to be coming from their biggest donors and supporters- veterans.

This program affects all of us in Talent Acquisition. The Wounded Warriors Project is a budget item in nearly every Fortune 500 firm  dedicated to improving the job readiness and subsequent opportunity for veterans. Support for WWP can be found on nearly every employer's careers site. If the leadership of the 'Project' doesn't defend itself successfully soon or cut out whatever is ailing it quickly, the 'brand' damage will extend beyond them to the employers who continue to support it and, the losers- well that will be the veterans themselves until alternatives can be found. And yes, there are alternatives.

I would encourage TA leaders (especially) to send a message sooner rather than later: #Fixitorwewill.

(Postscript: Several leaders of WWP were fired. Look forward to seeing this org getting back on track)

Step up and reach out to your contacts there. Express your concern. Collective action is a pressure they can feel.

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