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Kimberly Clark: Innovators in Employment Branding

Many companies have employment branding challenges... location, misperceptions about the corporate environment, misunderstandings about the type of work that is done, highly competitive positions. For Kimberly-Clark those challenges were multi-faceted: A challenging location in the upper Midwest. A corporate identity that seemed stodgy and stale to millennials. A company image that is tied to seemingly boring products.

When Kimberly-Clark decided to take a different approach, inspired by marketing their strengths and getting ahead of perceptions, they found amazing success in recruiting the right people that other organizations can take inspiration from.

Download this free CareerXroads report and learn how Kimberly-Clark launched an employment branding campaign that:

  1. Inspired 50% of participants to share their activity on social networks
  2. Doubled their company visitor traffic
  3. Increased their average following by 17,000 in just two months

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