Candidate Diversity Expectations a CXR Research Report

Who, if not recruiters and the talent acquisition function within an organization, has the ultimate ability to help ensure that companies are looking at diverse talent when bringing people on board? And while in recent years the definition of “candidate diversity” has broadened to include backgrounds, education levels, and work history, for many the largest challenges still sit within what is the most popular definition: people of color and females. CareerXroads asked its member companies how they handle candidate diversity with regards to candidate slates and interviewing.

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We found that while almost 50% of those companies that responded have diversity goals for the candidate slates that are built, just 20% have diversity-related objectives concerning on-site candidate interviews. Our benchmark survey also threw a brief spotlight on one strategy that we’ve seen more and more of in recent years: the requirement of diversity on the company side of the interview process. While only 30% of companies said they have goals related to the diversity of their interviewers or interview panels, several commented that this is a common “best practice” that is delivered on internally.

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