CareerXroads “Cool Tools” Pilot

cooltoolsFor years CareerXroads has been asking our colloquium members to share what tools their teams are using and which they find most effective.  That list has historically been circulated offline and countless times has been used to help with purchasing and partnering decisions around the world.  That’s why we’re excited to share our next release from the CareerXroads laboratory…  The CXR Tools [PILOT] program.

This members-only pilot is a trusted online consolidation of each tool that’s been shared, discussed, cheered and jeered over the last year. Now CareerXroads members can log in, search and sort by scores the over 250 (and counting) vendors and services within categories such as Ad Agencies, Applicant Tracking Systems, Brand Management, Competitive Intelligence, Data & Analytics, Job Board Aggregators and nearly 30 others.  Additionally, each member can submit new vendors, add their own rankings and reviews and/or solicit feedback about a provider from other CareerXroads membership companies.