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CXR Pulse Survey: Determining & Tracking Employee Referrals

While it likely doesn’t surprise anyone that nearly 90% of our current CareerXroads members that responded to this “Pulse” survey report to track employee referrals as a source of hire, it could come as news that a large portion of enterprise-sized organizations still leave it up to the candidate to identify themselves as a referral. […]

The CandEs: Kudos to ALL participants

TalentBoard announced today (Sept, 9) the 50 North American employers whose Candidates ranked their Experience highest in 2017. 2017 standards were tougher this year to ensure that the quality of the responses from nearly 200,000 candidates from more than 200 firms, met completion requirements, response totals and response rate goals and, could be ‘normalized’ to […]

Relationship Recruiting: More than an Employee Referral Program, It’s the Future

This excellent Huffington Post article by Nicole Dessain, Why Sodexo Doesn’t Say Goodbye to Exiting Employees, that Chloe Rada at Sodexo alerted me to made me realize how the debate over ‘Sources’ or ‘Influences’ may simply be clouding the very real and growing value of a deeper understanding ‘Relationships’ in recruiting- something very few firms […]

Measuring Candidate Experience: Make NPS Your Baseline

Fred Reichheld introduced the customer-focused, Net Promoter Score (NPS) in his 2003 Harvard Business Review, “The One Number You Need to Grow” and we’re certain the connection to today’s candidate experience is a strong one. Apparently asking your customers a direct question like: “How likely are you to recommend our company/product/service to your friends and colleagues?”  is a pretty solid […]

Cisco Pivoting to a Candidate-centric Recruiting Model

Cisco’s Shift to a Candidate-centric Recruiting Model is described in this article by Janine Milne, a freelance writer in the UK, Making First Impressions Count…at Cisco. It is very well done and reflects a rapidly increasing trend to map recruiting from each stakeholder’s perspective. I saw Ian Bailie, Cisco’s Senior Director of Talent Acquisition and People Planning Operations, speak […]

CareerXroads Open Benchmark: Recruiting Centers of Excellence

In recent years we’ve seen various Centers of Excellence (COE) gain popularity in HR and Talent Acquisition structures.  At CareerXroads, we’re interested in collecting details specifically around the progress, investment, and returns found from Recruiting Centers of Excellence. That’s why we’re presenting this brief open benchmark survey where results will be shared with all participants […]

Machines that Learn: Not Programmed…Trained

In the last 12 months, interest in Machine Learning has doubled according to Google. Look further and it’s about a 4000% increase over the last 5 years. AI’s wunderkind seems to be appearing everywhere lately as ‘proof’ of quality for a new generation of Talent Acquisition applications. “Our app ‘learns’ from what the prospects say about […]

CareerXroads Benchmark: Video Interviewing

Getting more from a team that increasingly has fewer resources isn’t a new challenge to corporate recruiting teams. That’s just one reason why the efficiency found in video interviewing has been an attractive solution that has continued to gain momentum within the world of Talent Acquisition. With so many organizations making real-time and asynchronous video […]