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The Recruiting Robots Aren’t Coming… They’re Already Here

Recently CareerXroads had the pleasure of attending HireVue‘s annual Digital Disruption conference (which we’d highly recommend if you’re a HireVue customer!) While there, we were privy to some very impressive presentations, smart conversations, and innovative work that’s going on in recruiting automation and recruiting AI.  One part of the conference that stood out to us […]

CareerXroads Research: Pre-Employment Drug Screening

With the changes the United States is seeing at a state level with regards to the legal use of recreational and medicinal drugs, companies have an interesting challenge ahead of them when considering pre-employment drug screening. Additionally, companies know that performing drug screening on 100% of their candidates can be incredibly expensive and often has […]

CXR Research and Reports

CareerXroads research tackles questions like: Are large companies moving away from pre-employment drug screening?  Do enterprise organizations seem to be trending away from spending more money on branding agencies?  How are your peers addressing internal mobility at their firms? CareerXroads works with members to research and benchmark through both public and members only (login required) surveys. […]

FaceBook Tiptoes into the Recruiting Space

Facebook Recruiting? LinkedIn/Microsoft will not be too concerned in the short run…but…long term… For the last year just about every conference has included at least one session around sourcing via Facebook. We guess they finally noticed the activity and, last week, as most know by now, officially announced they are entering the recruiting space with a few new tabs related […]

Sharing Competitive Practices about Internships

For many enterprise organizations, internships are the lifeblood of advanced workforce planning and leadership development programs around the world.  Each year CareerXroads holds a colloquium meeting with our current CareerXroads colloquium member companies where we spend two days discussing all things related to internships and managing college recruiting programs.  Of course, the sharing of competitive practices […]

CareerXroads 2017 Colloquium Calendar

In 2017 CareerXroads will conduct nine colloquium meetings for our members.  Each year our topics are determined by votes and feedback from our current membership and while some topics such as Sourcing, Analytics and Operations have become staple events within our annual agenda, there are some upcoming additions and changes to our meeting makeup. New in […]

Benchmarking pro and con. Focus, Speed, Depth.

Benchmarking is an inexact science with a real downside. When employers look at the ‘average’ (or the ‘top’ ) practice with the express purpose of adopting the ‘best’, they simply miss the point. And that point is that truly competitive practices are solutions that will always be different, employer to employer, because their execution is […]

CareerXroads “Cool Tools” Pilot

For years CareerXroads has been asking our colloquium members to share what tools their teams are using and which they find most effective.  That list has historically been circulated offline and countless times has been used to help with purchasing and partnering decisions around the world.  That’s why we’re excited to share our next release […]