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2016 State of Executive Recruiting

Industry leaders and well-branded employers are increasingly bringing their executive recruiting inside and using internal resources coupled with the latest emerging technologies to seek and manage the relationships at, and beyond, director level candidates. What hot issues are in front of leading executive recruiting teams? The challenges executive recruiters face going forward stretch well beyond the […]

CareerXroads “Cool Tools” Pilot

For years CareerXroads has been asking our colloquium members to share what tools their teams are using and which they find most effective.  That list has historically been circulated offline and countless times has been used to help with purchasing and partnering decisions around the world.  That’s why we’re excited to share our next release […]

CareerXroads Cool Tools for Executive Search

Just one of the takeaways from a recent full day with Executive Search leaders hosted by EY was a list of the most prominent tools in play this year when looking for and engaging leadership talent.  At our 88th CareerXroads Colloquium we vetted, discussed and whittled down (yes, “whittled” – see what we did there?) that list to the […]

Perceived [Un] Fairness: Remembered Forever

My shortest interview ever was on-campus at Stevens Institute of Technology. I was a senior signed up to interview for a sales engineering position with Ross Perot’s EDP. I showed up to the appropriate room at the assigned time and waited patiently for the company recruiter to dismiss his next-to-last interview of the day. (I […]

Gender Gap Closed? Who Thinks So? Apparently, We Do!

According to Glassdoor’s Global Gender Pay Gap Survey published this February, 3/4 of the 8000 adults surveyed globally believe that men and women are paid equally for the same skills, knowledge and experience (and 2/3 of them also thought they were also ‘fairly’ compensated.) Really? At first, I was skeptical and assumed men might have […]

Go With Your Gut? Maybe Not.

Testing is once again on the rise. A good thing too since it appears that there is a new inherent danger: letting Line Managers select candidates even when (and especially when) test data is available. Writing in HR Executive, Peter Cappelli, the George W. Taylor Professor of Management and director of the Center for Human […]