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Image Credit:TheDigitalArtist / Pixabay It was just a few years ago that we started seeing the popularity of Bitcoin on the rise and only months ago that we watched this new form of currency reach unprecedented value, raising interest in buyers and miners alike.  That’s right… “miners.” Is blockchain mining the next trend coming to […]

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Recently CareerXroads had the pleasure of attending HireVue‘s annual Digital Disruption conference (which we’d highly recommend if you’re a HireVue customer!) While there, we were privy to some very impressive presentations, smart conversations, and innovative work that’s going on in recruiting automation and recruiting AI.  One part of the conference that stood out to us […]

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Isaac Asimov’s series, I, Robot, written in the 1940’s fired the imaginations of a generation of post WWII kids. By 1950 Alan Turing had converted Asimov’s science fiction stories about ‘Robbie’ into an engaging science challenge- taken up for the next few decades by pioneering computer software designers, inventors, dreamers, and academics who believed we could pass the […]

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