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For as long as many in the industry can remember, they’ve been trying to successfully track “source of hire” data in an effort to discover where their top hires come from and to project where budgets should be spent.  In this recent CareerXroads recruiting budget benchmark report we asked our members to share how they’re […]

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For over twenty years CareerXroads has created a fun community for talent acquisition and recruiting leaders from around the world to connect, collaborate, and even conspire, on recruiting-related topics that keep them up at night.  And whether conversations with these leaders and influencers were taking place at live colloquium events, various conferences, over the phone, […]

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Image Credit:OpenClipart-Vectors / Pixabay This excellent Huffington Post article by Nicole Dessain, Why Sodexo Doesn’t Say Goodbye to Exiting Employees, that Chloe Rada at Sodexo alerted me to made me realize how the debate over ‘Sources’ or ‘Influences’ may simply be clouding the very real and growing value of a deeper understanding ‘Relationships’ in recruiting- […]

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With 1.86 billion monthly active users, it’s no wonder that everyone is talking about Facebook as a great source of candidates. Just recently it was announced that Twitter has achieved its best user growth over just the last year. All this data and information coming from social media can be overwhelming for these two sites […]

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In recent years we’ve seen various Centers of Excellence (COE) gain popularity in HR and Talent Acquisition structures.  At CareerXroads, we’re interested in collecting details specifically around the progress, investment, and returns found from Recruiting Centers of Excellence. That’s why we’re presenting this brief open benchmark survey where results will be shared with all participants […]

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In the last 12 months, interest in Machine Learning has doubled according to Google. Look further and it’s about a 4000% increase over the last 5 years. AI’s wunderkind seems to be appearing everywhere lately as ‘proof’ of quality for a new generation of Talent Acquisition applications. “Our app ‘learns’ from what the prospects say about […]

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CareerXroads research tackles questions like: Are large companies moving away from pre-employment drug screening?  Do enterprise organizations seem to be trending away from spending more money on branding agencies?  How are your peers addressing internal mobility at their firms? CareerXroads works with members to research and benchmark through both public and members only (login required) surveys. […]

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As the majority of recruiting teams have now settled in on their 2017 strategies and talent acquisition budget – and have likely completed a spend and ROI analysis covering 2016 – we thought the timing was right to again ask what you’ll change this year.  What we’re doing differently this time around is opening this survey […]

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Facebook Recruiting? LinkedIn/Microsoft will not be too concerned in the short run…but…long term… For the last year just about every conference has included at least one session around sourcing via Facebook. We guess they finally noticed the activity and, last week, as most know by now, officially announced they are entering the recruiting space with a few new tabs related […]

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