Talent Acquisition Talks with Social Talent: featuring Chris Hoyt & Gerry Crispin

It was our pleasure recently to travel to Dublin, Ireland and meet with the entire Social Talent team in an effort to catch up on what they’re developing and sharing in the industry. While there, Johnny Campbell, Social Talent CEO, invited us to take a seat on the TA Talks couch and chat for a while about Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and how to play the modern game of Talent Acquisition.  Throughout that conversation we shared a little bit about ourselves, the origin of CareerXroads, the evolution of Recruiting Automation, and what we think is on the horizon for TA leaders everywhere.  We’re happy to share the quick chat here for your review.

For those that prefer the audio version, we’ve uploaded this chat to our current podcast channel.  You can listen and subscribe to the CareerXroads podcast below.