Professional Development & Cultural Immersion in Japan | CXR Podcast

Japan DelegationWhen it comes to learning another culture, whether it be work or personal, I believe it’s beneficial to go “all in.”  That’s why CareerXroads recently partnered with China Gorman and Nanda Journeys for an adventure in recruiting professional development and cultural immersion in Japan.  With China Gorman and Gerry Crispin putting together an intimate roster of participants that included 13 HR and Talent Acquisition professionals, business owners, influencers, students, and independents from both the United States and Canada, anyone with half a chance to attend would have been crazy to miss it.

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In this quick podcast, I’m talking with China about some of the things we learned along the way, the power of cultural immersion for both our own personal and professional evolution and why every working soul should jump at the chance to get something like this added to their own development plan.  The ten-day journey was just as much about the meetings with Japanese government officials and university professors as it was about spending time with Japanese farming families, learning calligraphy, or being fitted in a custom yukata.

[Konnichiwa | Gerry Crispin]