My Kind of Candidate Experience

candeIt’s not JUST about the right hire. It’s also about the ones you don’t hire…today.

At first, I thought this LI post might have been scam but, I sent an InMail to Tim, have been corresponding with him (have a copy of his resume in case you’re interested) and simply enjoy the points he is making.

  • He didn’t get the job
  • He appreciated the case of wine (I’m thinking it is almost worth applying to get turned down).
  • He shared his unique ‘positive’ experience publicly (as 65% of all candidates say they will)
  • Thousands of views and hundreds of comments. (I’ll bet his friends with similar skills [yes, I’m asking him about this and more] are tracking him down.)
  • What do you think his response will be if this employer ever comes knocking again?
  • What could you possibly do that would guarantee your silver medalists would be more likely to accept an offer or refer someone who would next month? next year?