What is your internal candidate experience?

Sure, Candidate Experience is an initiative at your organization. You might even have a specific lead (or team!) focused on candidate experience processes and programs. Here’s a question for you: How are you translating those efforts to your internal candidate experience?

Common Challenges in Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is a topic that comes up at nearly every gathering of the CXR Community. The list of challenges around candidate experience is growing and TA leaders are feeling the pain around:

  • Interview timelines
  • Technology – both selection and implementation
  • Continued lack of feedback after an interview
  • Accountability
  • Consistent implementation of processes
  • Data collection – across the spectrum from simply getting reliable data to real-time data
  • Hand-off to hiring manager
  • Setting clear expectations for candidates and hiring managers

That list likely feels familiar to you and it certainly contains issues we’ve heard year after year. However, we’re hearing these issues in a new context recently: How those challenges are spreading to the internal candidate experience. We recently spent some time talking with CXR Community members who have made internal candidate experience a focus and asked them to share some advice.

[Three exercises to improve candidate experience]

Internal Candidate Experience Advice from the CXR Community

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